50-50 Draw

 Brechin & District Lions Club (on behalf of Brechin & Beyond) 

Congratulations to the lucky winner

Winner:    Tim Root from Orillia who received $1,665 with ticket no.1041
drawn on July 8, 2017

This was held at the 7th Annual Ramara Chamber of Commerce ClassicCar Show

at Lagoon City Marina o/o Brechin Dry Dock Marine.

submitted by M Barron July 25th, 2017


July 10, 2017

Update on Short Term Rental and Potential Noise By-Law

At the Council Meeting Monday, June 26th, Council voted to proceed with establishing an adhoc Committee to address Short Term Rentals which will consist of some residents, Council members and staff member(s).

Minutes from the Committee meeting held Monday, June 19th did mention the Noise By-Law, and Councillor Kal Johnson and Deputy Mayor John O’Donnell requested inclusion of it for the new Committee to address.  It was stated the Residents Committee have a draft Noise By-Law available for review, however, Mayor Clarke would not consider hearing or receiving any information on the Noise By-Law unless it is submitted as a separate deputation.

Mayor Clarke and Councillor Appleby do not believe there is a noise issue as in 2016 OPP reported only 6 calls were made and 4 of them were from the Marina. Also the Mayor stated the Noise equipment to measure levels was cost prohibitive even though we stated other Townships who have Noise By-laws do not have this equipment but leave it to the enforcement officer to make the determination if there is excessive noise.  Also the equipment is used primarily for Industrial areas not residential.

This decision for exclusion was made even though residents who attended the June 19th Committee Meeting stated OPP had recently been called and that noise levels in an area of Lagoon City had been excessive for 5 weekends in a row and that Hell’s Angel’s were responsible for it. 

It is important that all residents in our community make the calls, including multiple calls, to the OPP or the Town if they witness or are exposed to excessive noise or improper behaviour by residents at any residential property.  Council is not seeing any evidence that issues exist in our neighbourhoods.

As stated in the May LCCA Newsletter, If the issue is noise or water safety related, please call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.  If the issue is something else such as dumping refuse in the canals, please call and leave a message at the Town Office at 705-484-5374 ext. 252, indicating the address where the issue resides and any other details for the record.

We will present the Noise By-Law deputation, at a later date once the Short Term Rental Adhoc Committee is established. We will continue to gather more information but we need your help and support in making calls to the OPP when there are noise issues in the community.

We are awaiting the Township of Ramara website to post the invite for applicants for the Short Term Rental Adhoc Committee.  We ask that any residents interested in being a part of this Committee, please submit their applications. A high volume of applicants will demonstrate to Council the concern and urgency of this issue within our community.

We thank Residents of Ramara who have been very supportive in the issue of Short Term Rentals and Noise.

However, we all must continue to take action, when necessary, to validate our claims that we have issues in our residential neighbourhood and convey this to Council. We ask that you take pictures and videos, and note the address of the property in question in order to support any claims. Unless we do this, some Council members and Town Staff are not prepared to listen to us and put By-Laws and Rules and Regulations in place.

On behalf of the Residents Committee:

Corinne Ingall

Ron Shipp