2nd Place Home:

50 Laguna Parkway

Judges comments

“zen like, beautifully designed” 

(Photo below)

Condo Corporations   3rd Place;

71 Laguna

Judges comments

“good design incorporating the rocks, it pops”

(Photo below)

Individual Condo Homes  2nd Place 

– 41 Laguna unit 6

Judges comments:

 “nice mix of colour & height”  

......and finally the hard-working judges and the Tour Boat

(Photo Below)​

Condo Corporations  2nd Place:

11 Laguna 

Judges comments:\

“good choice for shrubs, well balanced design” 

photo below 

1st Place Home:

94 Laguna Parkway

Judges comments:

“extraordinary planters, repeated variety throughout, wonderful variety of plants”

"Blooms" Judging - held July 13th 2017

On August 9th at the Community Centre,

the presentation of plaques and prizes was made to those Winners

who could attend the ceremony.


                                      Additional details available in the September Newsletter                                                        

(Photo below)

Condo Corporations​  1st Place:

41 Laguna

Judges Comments:

“good structure and mix of perennials, long lovely design”

(Photo below)

Individual Condo Home 3rd Place: 

70 Laguna Unit 3 –

Judges Comments:

“nice detail & accent pieces”  

Canada 150:

Judges Choice Winner – 11 Laguna Parkway –

Judges comments:

“flag garden, inukshuk, red and white theme while being balanced and a good mix, organized and attractive”


3rd Place Home

110 Turtle Path

​​Judges comments:

– “many wonderful beds – lovely circular water bed surrounded by another circular flower bed”

(Photo below)

Individual Condo Homes​ 1st place – 31 Laguna unit 7

 Judges comments:

 “great use of height,texture & mulch , it flows”

Condo Corporations ​Special mention

 10 Laguna –

Judges comments

“nice flow, clean,simple lines”

Canada 150:
Special Mention – 51 Laguna

:Judges comments– “great visual impact, really popped”

Below are "other gardens of interest" as noted by the Judges

Condo Home   Special mention:

 21 Laguna unit 24

Judges comments:

“great pots & hanging baskets”